Vital Gift Set


Vital Gift Set


Our Vital Gift Set is the perfect gift for that special person in your life! This gift set gives you the option to hand select five (5) roll on blends from our Vital Line. Each unique gift set can be selected according to their needs or lifestyle, so you know they will love each one! Each gift set will be shipped in a Kraft box!

Attention (Focusing Blend)
Stay alert and focused with Attention. Perfect when you have some trouble concentrating and/or calming your mind.

Chillax (Calming Blend)
Unwind and your nerves after a long day with Chillax. Calming scents of lavender and chamomile will put you right at ease with subtle hints of woodsy cedarwood and vetiver will help you rest easy.

Immune (Preventive Blend)
mmune will help prevent colds, flus, and sniffles from coming and lingering. We LOVE to use Immune when we travel!! Immune for us goes deeper than just the name. We believe the moon “mune” has very strong healing powers. Im Mune, to us, means you can have the ability to be healthy and heal. We are giving you the power to stay happy and healthy in a little bottle. This amazing blend is safely diluted for the entire family (kiddos 6 months and older) and perfect to use all year round!!

Ny-Ny (Restful Blend)
Rest easy with
Ny-Ny. This blend was formulated especially for the kids to have beautiful dreams and sleep peacefully. Perfectly safe for all ages! Juniper Berry is the secret to having sweet dreams. Calming Lavender and Chamomile with subtle hints of woodsy Cedarwood will help you sleep all night like a baby.

Red Moon (Monthly Blend)
Red Moon is here to help regulate menstrual cycles. Our key ingredients Frankincense and Clary Sage are both so amazing to balance hormones and help reduce heavy menstrual discomfort and inflammation. We also added some Rose Absolute for your libido, because why not? You’re welcome ;) So much magic in one little bottle!!

Sunshine (Happy Blend)
Use Sunshine when you need a "little-pick-me-up", some joy and happiness in your life. It's like having a bottle of sunshine, right in your pocket!

Yin/Yang (Balancing Blend)
Find your balance with Yin + Yang. This blend is perfect to balance Yin + Yang, light + dark, and ground + clarity.

Zippy (Invigorating Blend)
Feeling a little low on energy? Zippy will invigorate your senses, while bringing a little "zip" and "zest" right into your life!

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Certified Organic

Never tested on animals

Customized gift sets are also available by request (prices may vary). Send us a quick note!

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