We believe that small acts can protect and preserve Mother Earth. We simplify and don’t use unnecessary boxes, we  use less materials and resources to reduce our carbon footprint. At Embyr, we use high-quality amber glass bottles that also protect against UV rays.

Empty Bottles?

If you are local, we would be more than happy to meet you and take your empty bottles off your hands and recycle them for you! We distribute all of our used bottles (including returns) to an authorized recycling center for proper disposal. If you bring your empty bottle back to us, we will give you 10% off your next order! Yes, you read it right! Give us your empty bottle and receive 10% off your next purchase and help us recycle and reduce usage, it’s a win-win!

If you prefer to recycle the bottles yourself locally, enter your zip code below to find an authorized recycling center near you. You can do the same with any empty bottles you have, let’s show Mother Earth some love!

Glass Recycling Center Lookup

Please enter your zip code to get a list of recycling centers near you.