The Earth Day Network works everyday to raise awareness and educate on climate change, the importance of all species, and end plastic pollution. This year’s campaign focuses to protect and save endangered species. Why protect? Each and every one of the species living on Earth have vital and crucial roles for survival. Not just our survival, but every living species and the Earth. Should a species become extinct, that would be catastrophic for our entire ecosystem.

Photographed by  Jason Naudé

Photographed by Jason Naudé

Climate change and loss of habitat are huge threats to these species. By educating yourself on climate change and why species are losing their homes, we can work together to raise awareness. We can start by taking small steps everyday to advocate for better habits to help keep our Earth clean and green.

Our survival relies heavily on bee pollination and germination provided by elephants and giraffes. Sea turtles and coral reef help create nutrients and shelter for other small marine life. Trees and plant provide air quality, shelter for small animals, and reduce toxins in the air we breathe. This just lists a few species in need of our help! We must save and protect all species on Earth to in order to keep a natural balanced ecosystem.

See below on ways you can help. You would be surprised on how many ways you can help each and every day!

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Not only must we save and protect the species mentioned in this blog, but we must also protect other species that are in danger of becoming extinct, such as insects, fish, crustaceans, great apes, sharks, whales, tigers, jaguars, snow leopards, grizzly bears, leopards and more! We must not let our planet dissipate and take action today and everyday forward. Make EARTH DAY, EVERYDAY. Together, we can work and strive towards a greener Earth, flourishing with living beings and plants. Our survival depends on the existence of all living beings/species.

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